Our Lab is part of the Mov'it Team at the Paris Brain Institute and we work with the PhenoParc facility and the CENIR imaging facility.

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Julia Sliwa  Principal Investigator

How our social skills are rooted in ancient biological and phylogenetic mechanisms is fascinating to me. In 2019, I started my research program at the Paris Brain Institute as a CNRS Permanent Researcher. Previously I trained as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at The Rockefeller University in New York and as a Graduate Student at Institut des Sciences Cognitives Marc Jeannerod in Lyon.


Joyce Jiang PhD student

Matis Feller Research Assistant (Ingenieur d'Etudes)

Muntasir Callachand Research Assistant (Ingenieur d'Etudes)

Cindy De Araujo Silva Master's student

Feimeng Wu Engineering student (Gap Year)

Victoire Martignac Master's student, Cogmaster

Arnaud Maupas Master's student, iMalis


Raphael Blanc 2nd year Engineering student 2022, AgroParisTech

Samantha Hurtado Woenckhaus Master's student 2022, Learning Planet Institute

Maelle Christiaens Master's student (Gap year) 2021, Ecole Normale Superieure

Chetan Kumar Velumurugan Part-time Research Assistant in Biomedical Engineering 2021, Learning Planet Institute

Max Weill Medicine-Science 2nd year student 2021, Universite Paris Cite

Emma Wagner Engineering student (Gap year) 2020, AgroParisTech

Marion Mallet 2nd year Engineering student 2019, AgroParisTech

Shibu Antony Master's student 2019, Learning Planet Institute