Symposium at COSYNE 2023, Mont-Tremblant, Canada, organized by Cory Miller and Steve Chang

Departmental Neuroscience Seminar at University of Geneva, 2022, Switzerland hosted by Sami El-Boustani

Outreach lecture at Forum des Sciences Cognitives 2022, Paris (in French)

Seminar at Washington University Institute for NeuroEngineering, 2022, Seattle, hosted by Sofia Landi

Seminar at Institut des Neurosciences de la Timone, 2002, Marseille, hosted by the Belin Lab

Seminar at the Brain and Cognition Research Center CerCo, 2021, Toulouse, hosted by Benoit Cottereau

Lecture at iMind First Scientific Day on Social cognition and neuro-developmental disorders, 2021, Lyon, France

Talk at NeuroSpin – Paris Brain Institute joint 7T Workshop 2021, Paris, France

Symposium at NeuroFrance 2021, Strasbourg on "Psychological and neurobiological bases of primates' social behaviors" chaired by Sebastien Ballesta and Jerome Sallet, with Sylvia Wirth, and Adrien Meguerditchian 

Seminar at Oxford University Department of Experimental Psychology, 2020, hosted by Kevin Marche

Seminar at the European Center for Research in Medical Imaging, 2019, Marseille, hosted by Marie-Helene Grobras

Seminar at Institut des Sciences Cognitives -  Marc Jeannerod, 2019, Lyon, hosted by Liuba Papeo

Minisymposium at Society for Neuroscience Meeting 2019, Chicago. "Naturalistic Paradigms: Bridging fMRI and Extra-cellular Activities" organized by Sze Chai Kwok and Brian Russ, with Soo Hyun Park, Michael Ortiz-Rios and Katalin Gothard     

Seminar at the European Neuroscience Institute Göttingen, 2019, Germany, hosted by Caspar Schwiedrzik

Talk at Learning & the Brain Conference on "Schooling Social Brains" 2019, New York

Symposium at the International Convention of Psychological Science 2019, Paris. "Seeing Relations: From Multiple-Object Perception to the Representation of Social Events"  organized by Liuba Papeo, with Kami Koldewyn and Daniel Kaiser  

Seminar at the Center for Brains Minds and Machines Research Seminars, 2018, Harvard University

Lecture at Conférence de la SFdP 2018, Paris

Talk at the Social and Affective Neuroscience Society Meeting  2018, Brooklyn

Talk at the Center for Brains Minds and Machines Retreat, 2018, MIT 

Seminar at the Yerkes Center, 2018, Atlanta

Seminar at Emory University Psychology Department, 2018,  Atlanta

"Novel Approaches and Methodologies" Lecture at Society for Social Neuroscience Meeting 2017, Washington, DC

Nanosymposium at Society for Neuroscience Meeting 2017, Washington, DC. "Representation of Faces and Bodies" chaired by Manabu Tanifuji and Kalanit Grill-Spector

Talk at Organization for Human Brain Mapping Meeting 2017, Vancouver. "Social Neuroscience" chaired by Michael Beauchamp

Seminar at Ecole Normale Supérieure, Cognitive Studies Department, 2017, Paris, hosted by Stefano Palminteri

Seminar at NeuroSpin, 2017, Saclay

Talk at The Rockefeller University Neuroscience Retreat, 2017, New York

Talk at Human Frontier Science Program Meeting, 2015, Salk Institute

+ 7 before 2015


2019 – 2023 . Topic course in "Neurons: from models to consciousness" course at ParisTech, France

2022 . Topic course at Learning Planet Institute, France

2020. Topic course in "Cognition" class at Master Santé, Sorbonne Université, Paris, France

2020. Topic course in "Neural basis of social interactions" class at Master Neuroscience, Universite de Lyon, France

2019. Topic course at Silabe, Strasbourg, France

2017 – 2019. Topic course in "Brain, Minds and Machines" class at Hunter College, New York, USA

2013. Topic course in "Introduction to Cognitive Science" class at Yale University, USA

2008 – 2011.  Teaching Associate in "Cognitive Neuroscience" class  at Universite Catholique de Lyon, France

Initiative for Diversity and Inclusion in Academia and Science

April 8th, 2022, at the Paris Brain Institute & online

Organizers: Christiane Schreiweis, Eric Burguiere, Eliana Lousada, Karim N'Diaye, Tal Seidel Malkinson, Julia Sliwa, Elina Thibeau-Sutre, Emmanuelle Volle, Violetta Zujovic

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Speakers: Mariam CHAMMAT (French Behavioral Insights Unit, France); Rawan CHARAFEDDINE (Université de Lorraine, France); Wim DE NEYS (CNRS/Paris Descartes/Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium); Pierre DESCHAMPS (Sciences Po, France / Stockholm University, Sweden); David DOUKHAN (Institut National de l’Audiovisuel, France); Naomi ELLEMERS (Utrecht University, Netherlands); Lena MOROZOVA-FRIHA (EuropaNova, France); Albert MOUKHEIBER (Chiasma, Paris, France); Susanne QUADFLIEG (University of Bristol, UK); Gina RIPPON (Aston University, Birmingham, UK); Tal SEIDEL-MALKINSON (Paris Brain Institute, France); Kaisa SNELLMAN (INSEAD, France); Camille WILLIAMS (ENS Paris, France)

XX initiative at the Paris Brain Institute has been launched in 2019 by Violetta Zujovic and Christiane Schreiweis